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Qi emission can affect living things

decembrie 10, 2011

The professor began to introduce the affect of transmitting chi energy to other living things.  He explained: „We humans have thoughts, so when chi energy is transmitted from one person to another, it’s not always clear how much it is a result of psychological factors.  So, in order to isolate that factor, we will carry out the following experiment, involving animals and plants.”

 The professor introduced an experiment that involved treating cultures with external chi energy to control bacteria.  They did on the spot checks to prove that the culture treated by chi energy contained no living bacteria, in other words the chi energy projected onto them had killed the bacteria. 

After that, the Lotus Qigong famous Master Zhao Puti demonstrated his ability to make flower buds bloom instantaneously.  Some assistants had brought flowers in pots with unopened buds, master Zhao used his palm to project his energy onto them.  Suddenly the buds opened in fast motion one after the other before the audience’s very eyes.  Within a few seconds they all bloomed.  Everybody was very impressed and clapped in amazement.  The lab was filled with beautiful floral fragrances.  (The Great Masters of Qigong-Ke Yunlu)

Chi energy can influence not only humans, animals and all other living things, but it can also influence non-living things.  Professor Xia explained: „If anybody had any doubts with regard to the effects of chi energy when it comes to living things and their possible conscious reaction, the following experiment should eliminate that.  We’re going to use laser spectrometers and other technical devices to compare objective measures of various non-living substances before and after being exposed to chi energy.  And now please, welcome on stage a famous Qigong master – Yao Jue!”

As soon as the professor mentioned his name, a loud applause came from the audience. The atmosphere was full of excitement. 

After they calmed down, the professor explained the experiment.  Master Yao Jue was about to perform an experiment to change the molecular structure of water.  To make it legitimate, the preparation of the whole experiment was very strict.  In front of everyone, they took a water sample and did all the necessary measurements.  Then they took the sample back and locked it up in a separate room.  Master Yao who was in a separate room himself, was about to project chi energy to the sample that was in the other room.  To prevent the master from walking through the wall (known as Ban Yun technique in Qigong), they had an assistant monitoring his every move.

After he finished projecting chi energy, he was held there until the scientists took the sample from the other room and used a very precise, special American device – SPEX 1403 type laser spectrometer to examine the sample.  The audience held their breath and waited in anticipation as the researchers examined the sample.  After a few minutes, the device processed the complicated numbers and on the computer monitor the results came through in the shape of a bell curve.  Compared to the curve on the graph that appeared before the demonstration, which was fairly flat, it clearly indicated that the molecular structure of the water had changed. 

It’s amazing that without even touching the water, Qigong masters have the ability to change the molecular structure of it.  Knowing that more than 65% of our body is made up of water, it helps us understand how Qigong masters are able to treat people’s diseases.  It can also help us understand how water, food and other objects that are energised by masters can be used to treat disease.  (This type of energising practice is quite common in China amongst Qigong masters).

The next experiment was even more amazing.  Master Yao Jue used his energy to create a chemical reaction between hydrogen and carbon monoxide under normal air pressure of 1 bar and in room temperature (20°C) which would normally require not only the assistance of catalysts but also air pressure of 20-30 bars and the temperature of about 300°C.  

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